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Frequently asked questions


Why Timeline Photography?


As a photojournalist, my passion is to help families document the timeline of their life together. Photographs are like time machines to instantly take you back to the moment you were cradling your tiny newborn, who is now entering his first year of kindergarten, or help you remember the way your sweet 6-month-old always used to stick out her bottom lip, now that she is graduating from high school. It is so important to capture all these special details of your fresh little one before they begin to grow and change.

When it comes to photography, I like to help families think of the "bigger picture." Of course photos of your tiny baby are so precious to have for parents and grandparents today, but they also are important for your baby to have when they are all grown up and have children and grandchildren of their own.


What makes Timeline Photography different?


I have 11 years of professional photography experience- including 7 years as a newspaper photographer, after receiving my bachelor's degree in photojournalism. I have also completed several hands-on photography courses with some of the best newborn photographers in the field, focusing on posing newborn babies in the SAFEST (and cutest) ways possible (see 06 for more details about safety).

In addition, I utilize studio lighting for consistent results- and I bring my studio TO YOU! All you need to do is grab a coffee and a comfy chair, and watch as I gently work with your baby in the comfort of your own home. Pajamas totally welcome. :)

After your session, I'll meet with you again to reveal all of your images and walk you through the ordering process. We'll customize a collection that's just right for you- everything you want and nothing you don't want. The best part is that your beautiful images will end up as a tangible product in your hands, to be enjoyed by the whole family, and not left on a flash drive forever! :)


When should I book?


It is best to schedule your session before your little one is born! Capturing your newborn within the first two weeks of life, while they are still sleepy and curled up, can make all the difference in your newborn portraits. Since newborns don't always arrive according to plan, I'll add you to my calendar to hold your spot, and then we can adjust your session date depending on your little one's arrival. If your baby is older than two weeks, we can book an infant milestone session when they are all smiles, holding their head up or sitting.

Head on over to the contact page to start the conversation! :)


How do I prepare for my session? What should my baby wear?


All of my custom newborn and infant sessions take place in your home. No need to pack up and leave the house with a brand new little one! I will bring everything, including my studio lighting, so mom and dad can totally relax- some of my clients even use this time to take a much-needed nap!

A few days before our session, I will contact you with tips on how to prepare for your session. 

For newborns, our goal is to keep them warm, happy and sleepy. The best way to keep your little one happy and sleepy is a full belly. Plan to feed baby a big meal while I'm setting up in your home, right before we start, and take several breaks for feeding during the session. It is also very important that the room where I'm working with your baby be nice and warm. Your baby was just growing in a toasty, 98.6 degree environment, and is still getting used to the colder outside world.

I have a selection of tiny outfits, wraps, headbands and other adorable props. Some of my favorite items to incorporate into a newborn session are sentimental items that have deep personal meaning for your family- a handmade quilt, great-grandma's pearls, daddy's uniform, etc. Please let me know ahead of time if you have any special items that I can include with your baby.


How long until my images are ready? How many photos do I get?


Chances are good that one or two "sneak peek" images will appear on Facebook a few days after your session. I get attached quickly to my tiny clients and love to show them off as soon as I can! The rest of your images will be ready within 2-3 weeks. At that time, I'll return to your home to show off all of your edited images and walk you through the ordering process. We'll customize a collection that's just right for you- everything you want and nothing you don't want. When your order is ready, I'll return again to hand-deliver your beautiful prints, canvases, and heirloom albums right to your door!

I NEVER put a limit on the amount of images I edit. I'm usually able to get a minimum of 20-30 images even with a very fussy newborn. When siblings and family are included we will have even more to choose from, and if baby is happy, I'm happy, and I'll just keep shooting! Some clients end up with over 50 images! I truly love what I do and want you to love your memories as well.


Is a newborn session safe for my baby?


My clients trust me with their most valuable possession, which is a responsibility I don't take lightly. Timeline Photography is licensed and fully insured with a million-dollar policy. In addition, a large majority of the images you see in my portfolio are digitally altered, meaning that mom and dad kept their hands on their baby at all times which were removed later via Photoshop editing. I have undergone hands-on training specifically regarding newborn safety. Your baby will always be within arm's reach and will never be left in an unsafe position.



Do you shoot engagements/weddings/events/sports?


At this time, I specialize in maternity, newborn, infant and family photography. I may be available to shoot events, sports, real estate and engagements on rare occasions, but I am not seeking wedding clients at this time. However, I can refer the happy couple to several great local wedding photographers!


What is your COVID policy?

Please contact me directly for questions related to COVID-19.

Have more questions? Contact me!

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