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Tyndall AFB Newborn Photographer | Leonel

Welcome to the world, Leonel! This brand new little guy's daddy is about to be deployed for a full year, so his mama wanted to include photos that honored the family's extraordinary service to our country. Here he is with his daddy's uniform and dog tags.

Panama City Newborn Photographer

I love this shot with his daddy's boots, hat and dog tags also. That hat will fit him sooner than you know it!

Panama City Newborn Photographer

A few tiny details to remember this time in Leonel's life when he was so small. Mama wanted some with her and daddy's wedding rings.

This big smile is one of my favorites!! I don't believe there is anyone that can see a baby smile and not feel happy.

Panama City Newborn Photographer

Leonel's nursery is blue, navy blue and gray with elephants, so she wanted a few with his toy elephant also! It will be so cute to see how much Leonel grows compared to his toy! Be sure and look for it at his 6-month session! :)

Leonel's family is from Texas, with a lot of cowboys in his family tree, so mom requested a cowboy theme as well. I brought my tiny cowboy hat, and we set him next to his daddy's cowboy boots. He looks so tiny next to the boots! I love the way these turned out!

Panama City Newborn Photographer
Panama City Newborn Photographer

This little guy is baby boy number four in the family, so we made sure to get plenty of images with his proud big brothers! (Click to enlarge)

Panama City Newborn Photographer

Need more cuteness? Check out this session with a sweet baby boy and three big sisters!!

Timeline Photography provides on-location newborn, milestone and first birthday photography in the comfort of your own home in Panama City, Panama City Beach, and all of Bay County, FL. We focus on those fleeting moments and tiny details that change so quickly during your baby's first year. Contact us today to create your custom baby photography session. <3

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